L Thomas Wellness LLC
Reflexology Massage, and Cold Laser Therapy


Great experience, a big variety of methods/treatments. Very professional and knowledgable. 

My first visit for a 1 hour massage was terrific. Laurie is very knowledgeable and incorporated reflexology aspects to it that I was not familiar with. She used the vacuum cups and even a cold laser for certain bad spots rather than just massage to bust down the tightness. Much less painful than brut force method. I will definitely be back. 
- Joe (Joe Spitz)

One of the most inclusive massages that my husband and I have ever experienced. Lori is a true professional and includes reflexology, massage, cupping and cold laser treatments. Lori explained the procedures ahead of time and makes her clients feel very comfortable. Lori has a wonderful personality and makes your a massage a personal experience.
- Mary T (Mary Spitz)

Felt like was floating on a cloud when I was done. 
- Sharon Dricken (Sharon Dricken)

I really did not know what to expect but Lori was just wonderful. She explained everything she was doing and I did feel much better after my session. 
- Martha Hosler Fitzgerald (Martha Hosler)

It was truly a joyful experience with Lori. I received a full body massage, along with foot and face reflexology. The face reflexology was new to me and would ,over to have one monthly! Thank you Lori for yr amazing services! 
- Cindy Marten (CJ Martin)

excellent care! 
- Mary Peckman (Mary Peckman)

Thank you for sharing your gifted hands! After a long week Lori rejuvenated my well being! I am feeling balanced and full of positive energy!! The reflexology session is incredible!! 
- Jessica Denis (Jessica Denis)

Very relaxing. Lori explained everything she was doing. 
- Sue West (Sue West)

Great treatment. Concentrated on what I needed. Will be back! 
- Tess (Tess Nasi)

Lori is truly gifted and clearly passionate about helping people through massage therapy and the other modalities she is proficient at using. I will definitely recommend her! 
- Jay (Jay Halminiak)

Very pleased with all aspects. 
- Scott Meitus (Scott Meitus)

The massage was good but I would have liked a darker lit room with all windows covered, unsented oils the oder was very strong, also I prefer massage only, not using cups or anyother device. 
- Kim Gillis (Kim Gillis)

I thank you so much for the wonderful Raindrop massage...it could not have been any better. 
- Linda Eberle (Lynda Eberle)

Lori is an amazing and gifted professional. This was not just a massage, this was an experience, with every detail tended to, her passion is evident in her work. I was so impressed with my "Massage appointment" I made appointments for both of my sisters that week. They also just loved her and felt she was different than any previous "massage therapists" they have worked with, and we are a family that knows how to treat ourselves. Thank you so much Lori, you were one of the highlights of our vacation!! I'll look forward to seeing you again! 
- Terri O'Connor (Terri Occonner)

This was the best Reflexology appointment I have ever had! Lori was professional, kind, very knowledgeable and knows her specialty well. Definitely would recommend over and over again! 
- cecilia bruce (Cecilia Bruce)

I had such a wonderful experience with Lori, I feel so much better, 
- Linda (Linda Waldron)

I booked a 90 minute massage with Lori this week and it was really helpful I was able to alleviate a lot of pain with my ripped rotator cuff's in my shoulders and also my Achilles tendon . I would have to say it was more of a therapeutic healing massage rather than a fluffy relaxation massage she used her laser during the session along with reflexology and was able to help me with problems I've had for a long time. I am looking forward to several more therapeutic sessions of getting rid of all the pain and then finally having a fluffy relaxation massage !! Rain drop therapy is on my list !! I would highly recommend Lori! 
- Happy Minocqua customer! (Margaret Coffen)

Great attention of detail and wonderful products used on my skin 
- Natalie (Natelie Watland-Artist)

Had a wonderful lymphatic massage. Lori is also a wealth of health information. Thoroughly enjoyed my time spent with her 
- Mary (Mary McCormack)

I've been going to Lori for about 2 years. She has the knowledge and skill. 
- Louise Johnson (Louise Johnson)

It was wonderful and I can't wait for my next one. I just love those gift certificates. Don't forget Mothers Day! What a great relaxing gift. 
- Debbie (Debbie Peiters)

My sessions with Lori are always wonderful. I look forward to seeing her each and every time. 
- Sue C. (Sue Collova )

Had swelling and pain in both knees and after 1st visit of cold lazer treatment 50% better. Have had 3 treatments and am doing good. Will try to do one treatment a month from now on. It sure is worth a try.!!!! 
- Diane Kempken (Diane Kempkin)

This was my first time with Lori and I had the rain drop message. I thoroughly enjoyed it. She hit some sore/stressed spots but felt she worked them out. 
- Andrea (Andrea Huedepohl)

Lori is my "go to person" when I have aches and pains. Wish my schedule allowed more frequent visits! 
- Marie (Maria Pika)

Always enjoyed 
- Penoske (Richard Penoske)

I was at a 9 out of 10 regarding pain levels. I left at a 2 or a 3. I am more than 24 hours past my visit and I am still at a 2 or 3 pain level. Thank you! 
- Derek (Derik Straight)

Lori is very knowledgeable and the treatments I received helped! I would certainly recommend her! 
- S V (Sandy Volling)

I have been going to Lori for a couple of years for reflexology and always feel good afterwards. This was the first time I have ever had a massage with her and let me tell you,I was not disappointed. She is 1 of 3 massage therapist I have used and absolutely I loved her massage. Especially on my face. The best! Lori is a very talented massage therapist. She really knows her stuff and goes the extra mile to take care of your complaints/aches and pains. Thank you Lori. 
- Karen Bender (Karen Bender)

Lori combines the latest techniques with a therapeutic touch. 
- Suzanne (Suzanne Ruland)

Lori has so many talents as a practitioner who truly cares about her clients and a whole room full of tools, oils, lotions, etc plus her skillful hands for reflexology and massage. Best of all, she is a genuinely nice person and you always leave feeling better from her ministrations to your body. 
- Joanne (Joanne Ziarek)

I strongly recommend Lori wellness! I did the cold laser and I could tell it helped the cost day. She worked about five minutes on a schist on my hand. No joke it went down to a quarter the size. 
- Jesse Salzman (Jessie Salzman)

Great as always 
- arlene coffey (Arlene Coffee)

Lori does a wonderful job of targeting all my aches & pains and thoroughly relaxing me. I always leave feeling much better than when I arrived! 
- Kathie (Kathy Greer /$40)

Lori is so compassionate of her patients. She goes to full lengths helping the patient to give them relief both at her place of business and for the patient to continue with at their home. I highly recommend her treatments to anyone. 
- Paula Behling (Paula Behling )

Absolutely love the cold lazer light therapy offered by Lori. She is very knowledgeable and I always leave feeling better than when I came. 
- Louise Hanson (Hallie Hanson)

I have seen Lori several times now, and every time has been a pleasant and positive experience!! She really took time with me to discuss and work on a particular issue that I was having with my shoulder. Thank you again Lori!! :o) 
- Denise (Denise Wegner)

Lori It feels good to have had a massage. This new machine is great. Looking forward to my next appt. You are the best!!!! Joan 
- Joan Johnson (Joanny johnson)

Wonderful, relaxing, soothing experience (as usual)! 
- Jan Carlson (Jan Carlson)

Lori takes her time asks questions and does a fantastic job on every appointment no matter what my issues are. Would recommend her to anyone! Dan 
- Dan Wilson (Dan Wilson)

Loris light therapy is amazing for all sorts of pain or to just rejuvenate the skin. I had a scar that was a year old from surgery. I had no feeling and after seeing lori for light therapy in a couple months got almost all my feeling back. 
- louise hanson (Kelly Hanson)

Lori Thomas is a master reflexologist and massage therapist. I am always helped and pleased with her skills, technique patience, and fair prices. I consider bodywork with Lori Thomas a vital part of my health regime. I highly recommend her. 
- Delores Liesner (Delores Liesner)

Lori does an awesome job. 
- angie (Angie Betz)

- Denise (Denise Slater)

I have been going to Lori for about 2 years even though I live near Milwaukee. Her wonderful ministrations of facial and foot reflexology, laser light therapy, massage, special oils and potions, and her upbeat, caring personality are well worth the long drive! She always has something new to try and is so enthusiastic about her profession. I feel that having facial reflexology on a regular basis is a bit like having a mini face lift-so good for the muscles and circulation. I always leave feeling refreshed and uplifted. 
- Joanne Z. (JoAnne Ziarek)

great, always leave feeling good 
- jane henderson (Jane Henderson)

After my last session, the severe pain in my right elbow has changed to discomfort only when touched. Lori takes time to listen to my concerns. I look forward to my next session. 
- Connie K (Connie Koehler )

getting good results 
- phil jacobson (Phil Jacobson )