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Benefits of Wellness Pro



How does this device work to reduce pain?

The WellnessPro® Plus electrotherapy device produces the FASTEST LONG TERM RESULTS by alleviating acute and chronic pain symptoms. It is widely used around the world and is the premier choice of health care professionals, athletes, coaches, and medical research facilities. WellnessPro® Plus impulses stimulate the peripheral nerves that send information about touch and vibration. The signals from the stimulated nerves interfere with pain signals traveling to the brain which reduces the brain’s perception of pain. In addition, the frequencies generated by the WellnessPro® stimulate endogenous opioids. These can eliminate pain through the same biological processes as prescription pain medications but without the harmful side effects.


Is this a TENS device?

YES. The WellnessPro® has been FDA cleared as a TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) device. These devices use electrical stimulation to relieve pain. Unlike other TENS devices, the WellnessPro® has a very large frequency range coupled with a unique delivery system which stimulates the body to block pain signals. The WellnessPro® has demonstrated superiority to other comparable devices by achieving longer term pain relief. The WellnessPro® allows more flexibility for users and practitioners. Can I buy the WellnessPro® for myself? YES. If you are a licensed medical provider, proof of license must be provided. If a non-licensed individual would like to purchase the WellnessPro® for personal use at home, a prescription from a licensed medical provider must be on file. This is a FDA requirement for use in the United States only. No prescription required if the individual lives outside the United States. Additionally, if you do not wish to personally use the device and would like to become a sales representative for Electromedical Technologies, you can purchase a unit with distributor paperwork on file.