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Benefits of Chi Machine

Dr. Shizuo Inoue was the Chairman of Japan's Oxygen Health Association. With over 38 years of experience, he developed and designed the Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine. Dr. Inoue's design of the Chi Machine was based on human physiology allowing the body to work effortlessly with its own natural frequencies. The machine's figure 8 goldfish movement provides maximum movement of the body. The Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine has one oscillation speed of approximately 140-144 cycles per minute. This oscillation speed is the speed Dr. Inoue found to be most beneficial for the circulatory system and for promoting overall well-being. Dr Inoue expressed in his book, Aerobic Respiration Exercise and Health, that that a lack of the body's ability to properly utilize oxygen could result in pain, numbness, stiffness, itchiness and other signs of inflammation. He also believed that if this state continued within the body for long periods of time it could lead to more serious health conditions.

Dr. Jan Kirschner wrote: "One of the wonderful benefits of The Chi Machine is that it allows the body to work effortlessly with its own natural frequencies. The 144 cycles per minute (oscillations), is both a multiple of the average pulse rate (72) and the cerebro spinal pump rhythm (12). Each person's body is influenced by the sum total of all the physical, emotional, mental and chemical forces that it is exposed to, and its ability to respond effectively to those forces."

Dr Inoue's design focuses on five main engineering features:

Provides full body movement (View the study on the Benefits of Low Level Physical Activity or Exercise.

Easy to use

No Injury. Since you are lying down, there is no tension applied to any part of your body. Your body is being fully supported in that position. Your heart rate and blood pressure also do not increase.

Provides a maximum workout in minimum time.

Portable and easy to travel with.

Dr. Inoue's design of the original machine has been patented in several countries including the United States (patent # 510 7822), Great Britain, Japan, Germany, and Australia. It is also registered as a medical appliance by Japan's Medical Affairs. In Canada it is registered as a Class II Medical Device. Health Canada feels the benefits from the chi machine also include helping to reduce leg fluids and whole body extracellular fluid and provides a full body massage. In the United States it is listed and regulated as a Therapeutic Massager with the FDA..

How the Chi Machine Passive Aerobic Exerciser Works

The machines simple nature and passive aerobic movement may temporarily promote detoxification and healing. It oscillates from right to left, or left to right, approximately 144 times per minute. In just 15 minutes it gives your body the equivalent benefit of 1½ hours of walking. It may firm your hips, thighs, and abdomen and often will support a healthy weight. The figure-8 motion of the machine is similar to the movement of a goldfish. This movement has a marked beneficial effect upon the human body. It temporarily relaxes the muscles, may improve energy flow, as well as relieving muscular aches throughout the body. It performs a pure aerobic activity and operates at the best oscillation speed to promote deep breathing and temporarily improves circulation. It can rejuvenate every aspect of your body while you just lie on the floor with your ankles resting on the machine. It is important to breathe deeply and think happy calming thoughts while using the original machine. If you have less muscular aches, it will help to promote relaxation and a more restful sleep. It does the work and you get the benefits of its movement and therapeutic massage which can locally improve circulation of blood flow and lymph.